Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

1st Semester

Course Title

     Principles of Management and Organizational Behaviour

     Managerial Economics

     Managerial Accounting and Control

     Communication for Management & Business

     Marketing Management

     Computers for Managers

Compulsory Non-Credit Courses

       Technical Writing and Communications Skills

       Intellectual Property and its Management in Agriculture


2nd Semester

Compulsory Non-Credit Courses

       Basic Concepts in Laboratory Techniques

       Agricultural Research, Research Ethics and

Rural Development Programmes

3rd Semester

Course Title

   Production and Operations Management

   Operation Research

   Rural Marketing

   Agricultural Marketing Management

   Fertilizer Technology & Management

   Management of Agro-Chemical Industry

   International Trade & Sustainability Governance

   Agri-Supply Chain Management

Compulsory Non-Credit Courses

     Library and Information Services

     Disaster Management



4th Semester

Course Title

       Project Work



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